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SkyNews uses TriCaster for their 24 hour-a-day award-winning news service. (3:11)


A user story showing how NBC Affiliate WOAI-TV capitalized on TriCaster. (2:47)


TriCaster helps distribute customized weathercasts in a timely manner with multiple cameras and live streaming.

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Live Set System (Green Screen) Production
sophisticated studio setting, virtually, within a very small studio space and without the need for external equipment because LiveSet is integrated into every TriCaster PRO™, TriCaster STUDIO™, TriCaster BROADCAST™, TriCaster™ TCXD300 and VT[5]™ system. With lights, a simple camera set-up, and a green or blue backdrop your on camera talent can be placed in any one of the LiveSet virtual sets. The proprietary technology in LiveSet makes it possible for you to have multiple camera angles and to change distance from close-up to midway to a wide shot without having to move your cameras. LiveSet also provides the ability to further customize your production by adding video, still imagery or graphics to monitors featured in the LiveSet virtual sets.

What makes it special?
What sets NewTek LiveSet technology apart from the rest is that it doesn’t require you to make a significant investment in software, specialized hardware, a crew to operate it or a massive space to accommodate the cameras and lighting rigs. Unlike other systems, LiveSet includes a background and a foreground image automatically designed to be viewed from three different angles. For every camera connected to the system, LiveSet allows you to change each camera shot virtually, transition from close-up, to medium, to medium-wide to wide angle shots in real time, without moving the camera or changing the set up in any way. LiveSet lets you accomplish everything live with complete realism, including reflections, glass refraction, shadows and more.

What do I get?
Your LiveSet system comes with multiple sets that take you from morning to evening in a news desk style environment and to the sports field with a stand up virtual set that may be customized with the sporting event of your choice. NewTek will continue to develop additional LiveSet virtual sets and offer them through upgrades, content packs and on occasion free to registered TriCaster PRO, TriCaster STUDIO, TriCaster BROADCAST and VT[5] owners.

How does it work?
Simply position your on camera spokesperson in front of a green or blue backdrop, add lights and connect cameras to your TriCaster PRO, TriCaster STUDIO, TriCaster BROADCAST or VT[5] system. Next it is as simple as picking the virtual set of your choice, the camera angles you like and the shots from wide angle to midway to close-up. Once you begin your video presentation you can transition from one camera shot to another using cuts, fades or any one of the hundreds of video effects available. Your on camera talent will be able to interact with the surrounding virtual environment including virtual monitors displaying the video or imagery of your choice.

Your on camera talent is seamlessly integrated into the LiveSet using proprietary LiveMatte™ technology. Position your talent in front of a green or blue backdrop; with LiveMatte activated, the blue or green backdrop is replaced with the foreground and background imagery from the selected LiveSet virtual set. LiveMatte controls are applied to fine tune color selection, smoothness, edge detail and light spill around the talent to insure a crisp, clean image. LiveMatte also includes a garbage matte feature providing the ability to mask out areas not covered by the backdrop.

Can I make my own virtual sets?
Using LiveSet Constructor™, available as a free download for all TriCaster PRO, TriCaster STUDIO, TriCaster BROADCAST and VT[5] owners, you can use your own foreground and background artwork or photography to easily create simple LiveSet effects. LiveSet Constructor is as easy as adding a background image and foreground matte, and it adds your new virtual set to the list.

Create any environment or mood you can imagine with LiveSet Generator™ for LightWave 3D® where you create your own photorealistic 3D virtual set environments or LiveSet Generator for Aura™ which provides VT[5] users the ability to create custom 2D virtual set environments using the Aura video paint system.

Your bottom line
With LiveSet you increase the professionalism of your production facility with the immediate addition of network-quality studio sets, without an investment in space, construction of set pieces, expensive lighting, on-set playback monitors or a big production crew, saving you tens of thousands of dollars or more.

Now, on the road or in your studio, LiveSet technology combined with the power of TriCaster PRO, TriCaster STUDIO, TriCaster BROADCAST or VT[5]’s multi-input switcher, titling system, audio mixer, onboard VCR’s, keyer and more, you can create your own television production just like the networks. You have all the tools you need, now let your imagination take over.

iVGA™ Expands Your Production Flexibility
In today's fast-paced environment, your live production may include a wide variety of assets: Web pages, graphics, slide shows, spreadsheets and more. Often these assets reside on a computer external to the TriCaster.

NewTek iVGA™ application adds connectivity and flexibility to your TriCaster production, allowing you to import screenshots from Windows or Mac computers across a local network. Simply launch the iVGA file on the supporting computer and provide a network or hub connection to TriCaster.

iVGA not only imports the new asset, but seamlessly adds the computer screen as an external video source on the switcher. This gives you the benefit of smoothly fading between live cameras and computer screens without the need for anything more than a network or crossover cable and a USB thumb drive to launch iVGA on the client computer.

Most TriCaster models allow up to three client computers to be used in a presentation. These additional computer sources can be readily selectable using the External tab.

Client Control
iVGA is controllable on the client computer where it is running, offering several benefits:

•On a dual-screen computer, choose which screen to send to the TriCaster
•Magnify portions of the screen and have the selection follow the cursor
•Users can invoke Privacy mode, blocking that screen’s view on TriCaster if they are working on something not relevant to the meeting

iVGA Benefits
•Seamlessly incorporate computer displays with live video
•No software to install – just launch the application on a Windows or Mac machine
•Multiple computers available as sources
•Provides flexibility for the presenter to control the pace of their presentation while the TriCaster operator focuses on delivering the live production
•Avoids the need for scan converters at on-location productions



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